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Billie. 19. England

Cant dance but am quite good at chopping vegetables???

letters and art and stuff

We are in Prague it is beautiful. We spotted the message that the art gals wrote on the wall of the hostel last year and we just went on a date it was lovely, this is us right now, we are sleepy babies

Crafternoon at Tyrone’s in Munich yesterday, now we are in Prague

We are at Tyrone’s in Munich, wearing legging shorts over tights because we are cool gals

We are doing journals on the train from Frankfurt to Munich to stay with our good pal Tyrone.

Live blogging: we are hanging out in bed we have had the fullest day in Amsterdam we even went on a boat! We are staying with our friends Granny she is called Bean and is amazing. Tomorrow we go to Frankfurt to stay with M’s uncle Thomas

Hi yes I’ll just take them all

Having the best time this is us at the airport




those are some really good plants



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got a big plant on my lap

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See ya later babygals

My room so far -
Work in progress to make it the cosiest nest

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Oh so sophisticated in our glorious garden hawhawhaw