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cant dance but that doesn't stop me


Plant shopping, I got a strawberry plant for very little.

Omg omg today I dyed my hair and then met up with M and Gina and we worked loads of the day and had lunch and then worked more and then Miri and I ran home especially to have sex because it had been 4 days (which is WAY too long) and then we went to Zoe’s production company launch party and I had one pint and I am still not sober after some hours!! The company is called odd socks and they are basically there to allow room for people to work together to make stuff/films/anything and get help doing it! So proud of Zoe for setting it up and the launch party was a huge success and so many people came. I walked Miri home and picked up my duvet in a box that my parents sent me and walked back to mine as quickly as possible so I could assemble favourite bedding and now I am the snuggliest bug in a rug!!!! Ahh good old life!!!!

What a time to be alive!!!

In the library reading old melodrama and designing a tattoo for me, Imm and Louise- I am gunna do us all the same thing/kind of a moon made in 3 parts s’gunna b super cool and sickly sweet

I’m looking forward to a day of working today, last night Miri and I went to Senate house, a separate university building near the library that is used for study and it’s not very busy or full of many people, it doesn’t feel like a huge machine churning out a mass of degree students, it’s a calm bright space with lots of room and colour.
I’m going to go there in a bit once I’ve washed the dye out of my hair.
On the way home I bumped into my favourite lecturer and she talked to me for a while about the course, I was eating Camembert out of the packet quite ridiculously, she had a bit and asked me questions and I fell a bit more deeply in love.

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Remembering why I don’t eat dairy
Sometimes it’s good to be reminded

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some more pics of my week

So I went to a great shop that Miri has a job interview for this week and found this interior design book called Gypsy and took pictures of almost all the pages and hopefully I’ll get it for myself for Christmas or something. Yesterday I went to see some art and some old medieval maps of bristol and I went to the library and to some of my fave shops before hanging at miri’s and watching Sweeney Todd which gave me the worst nightmares despite having seen it 3 times already… Today I worked a bit more and was dying of womb pain but was out doing work stuff 9-6.30 and then loads of people came round for rehearsals and meetings so the house was filled with drama kids which was lovely!! I am going to sleep now goodnight

Incredible spaces