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Billie. 19. England

Cant dance but am quite good at chopping vegetables???

letters and art and stuff

dirtygroovymole said: I'll be in Brighton this weekend. Will you be there?

Unfortunately not for the next few weekends! But after then I ahould be!

Going to work at first festival of the year tomorrow but these are pictures from various things done in the last few days in Bristol including garden dinner party, gay day trip to bath, going out for dinner and sleepovers to name a few-It’s been the best!

New room

Lunch in the garden


interesting porn facts you probably didn’t know :O


Yesterday Alisha came round and we had a sleepover and today we went charity shopping for hours and got great things and then we had a dinner party and drank so much wine with all the lesbians! This is our garden aswell look how great!

The sky

Our last night away

The end of our road in Italy

Goodbye window view of dreams

Just went to the leaning tower of Pisa, it is a lot more leany than I thought! We had an argument with a funny waiter and got bus tickets for tomorrow to the airport we are so tired and excited for home tomorrow ahhreeeba

Miri on our travels
Tomorrow is our last day and I have had the best time ever with this little grub monkey

Washing lines in Riomaggiore, Italy