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Billie. 19. England

Cant dance but am quite good at chopping vegetables???

letters and art and stuff

Just went to the leaning tower of Pisa, it is a lot more leany than I thought! We had an argument with a funny waiter and got bus tickets for tomorrow to the airport we are so tired and excited for home tomorrow ahhreeeba

Miri on our travels
Tomorrow is our last day and I have had the best time ever with this little grub monkey

Washing lines in Riomaggiore, Italy

La Cinque Terre was beautiful, we swam in the sea and ate a lot of ice lollies and saw so many beautiful homes

The five towns, Italy

Our new place on the sea

Train station of dreams

Our hostel in Florence

Crazy diner for a crazy day

Found a crazy 50’s American diner round the corner so cheap and good the waitress was even on rollerblades!

Between these two different days we have taken a night train from Budapest to Florence and we hardly slept. We are now in our new hostel which is dead cool we are in a female 4 bed dorm with other lesbians (they definitely probably are lesbians oh yehh). Italy is great -today has been the longest day ever!!!

The mountains of Dobogoko

Lunches on our travels/making all the salads using our craft scissors as knives

Us on our last day of Budapest doing all the things

Miri with her friends